City: Hamburg, Germany
Venue: Musikhalle
Date: December 5, 1974



Lynyrd Skynyrd opened for Queen once again. Roger Taylor's drum kit and a monitor sporting the Queen logo are seen in the above screenshots from a video of the support act. Queen's set apparently wasn't filmed by Rockpalast because they were generally more into American bands than British ones.

Here is a pro pic from the show:

Roger, in his typical outspoken manner, later recalled the experience of having Skynard open for them:

"They were awful. They were Southern rednecks and they could not believe it when they saw us four caked in make-up and dressed like women. They were outraged, confused, and a little frightened, because the four nancy boys were giving them quite a run for their money on-stage. God, Lynyrd Skynyrd! They were arseholes, frankly. When they played that song 'Free Bird' it seemed to go on for months. As I remember they had three lead guitarists. Hmmm, well we only seemed to need one. Absolute arseholes. Later on they had that terrible fatal plane crash, didn't they? Shouldn't speak ill of the dead... bollocks to that!"

Recording length: 1 minute, incomplete
Video/Audio quality: A / A
Source: Video
Lineage: TV > ? > YouTube

Track listing:
Liar [cut]

Four minutes of footage from a late 1974 concet was shown on German TV in the 1970s, but only a minute of it has emerged. It is certainly not from one of the Rainbow Theatre shows.

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