City: Inglewood, CA, USA
Venue: The Forum
Date: September 14, 1982

This is the first of two consecutive nights at the LA Forum. They were originally planned for September 17/18, according to an early tour itinerary.

The picture above is the billboard outside the Forum as it was seen on this day. It was shown on a 1982 TV report along with interviews with the band, included on disc 2 of the "Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid" DVD. Thanks to Pittrek for the screenshot.

Brian May breaks a string a couple minutes into his solo spot. While the Red Special is being restrung, he once again plays the Flying V, something which he did only a few times, and only on this tour.

An MTV report was aired around this time with a clip of Brian tuning backstage before the show, part of which shows him playing his Flying V.

A fan wrote to Brian about this show.

Lisa Marie Presley once stated that the first rock concert she attended was by Queen in Los Angeles in the late seventies. After the concert she met Freddie Mercury backstage and gave him a scarf that belonged to her late father. Freddie Mercury's assistant Peter Freestone has clarified in recent years that it was at the LA Forum in 1982.

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